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Sea Witch

Sea Witch is a Liberty 458, hull #21 built in 1986.   46' LOD, 12' 10" beam and 40' LWL.  The brochure weight is 31,000 lbs.  Cruising weight is around 44,000 lbs. according to the scales on a couple of travel lifts.

Sea Witch is cutter-rigged.  We carry a main, a 110 and 90 headsail, a staysail, 2 cruising spinnakers - one big and one medium -  and a baby heavy duty tri-radial spinnaker (our storm chute).  We also have a trysail, storm staysail, and a 150% hank on Dacron drifter on its own stay.

She's traveled almost 45,000 nm since we got her and has provided quick and comfortable passages.  While we haven't broken the 200nm day yet, we've done 4 190+ nm days, and often do 170+ and 180+.  


A self-described computer weenie, he had the opportunity to work for some industry leaders including Candle Corp, and Teradata / AT&T GIS / NCR (Teradata was acquired by NCR which was acquired by AT&T.  NCR became independent during one of AT&T's recent divestitures.)  Jeff spent 8 years with NCR/Teradata.  He describes himself as "temporarily unemployed, by choice" and intends to return to the computer industry someday.  Jeff likes to scuba dive, shoot video (underwater and above), snowboard, fiddle with computers and electronics.  He is an instrument rated private pilot and Extra class ham radio operator/Volunteer Examiner.  


A banker for many years before she decided to work for herself.  Jokingly referring to herself as a "truck driver", she was an independent motor home owner/operator  providing  mobile dressing room / office services in the commercial and movie production industry in Los Angeles.  Ask her about George C. Scott in his underwear, Michael Jackson's monkey wrecking the motor home, George Burns and Bob Hope (wonderful people) or one of the many others she worked with.  After too many years of early mornings and late nights, she joined friends in a small consulting company giving them "5 years notice" the day she started.  Gail likes to scuba dive, snowboard and shoot video.  She is an Extra class ham radio operator/Volunteer examiner.