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The Marina in Bali was quite crowded but they did the best they could to squeeze us all in.  Sea Witch is against the dock with neighbors Nighthawk, Outlandish and Poppy 1.  From Bali Marina, we all arranged tours of Bali.  Drivers with vans were quite inexpensive.


One of our first stops was a local theater for Balinese dancing.  These dances are used to tell ancient lessons. 

We stayed in reasonably inexpensive but comfortable "motels" with costs ranging from $15-20 US per night.   Food was also inexpensive and quite tasty.  On our last night, we had a room on the beach with $2 massages - fun, but not great.

This Flying Fox greeted us at one of the motels.


We took three days to tour temple, rice paddies and palaces and saw the arts and crafts of the people of Bali - weaving, wood carving, basket weaving, puppet making, and painting.  We were also able to get a good glimpse of people going about their normal daily routines.  We lucked out and happened to be visiting the Bat Cave - one of the most sacred temples on the island - when they were doing a cremation ceremony.  Because most of the villagers are poor, they often bury the bodies until a village has enough to afford a group cremation ceremony.  We saw one of these on the side of the road.  Ashes from the ceremony are taken out to sea.   Then, a ceremony for many people is held at the Bat Cave.  These ceremonies and funerals were colorful and quite beautiful.



The vendors can be voracious and, if you make eye contact, look at any of their wares, or, heaven help you, touch something, you will be engaged in  a fierce bargaining process for something you don’t want.   Two women “captured” Jeff and started putting clothing over him as he tried to walk away.  Unless you are willing to drop their stuff on the ground you can’t get away.  We are now experts at the bargaining process and are quite good at “running gauntlet”. 


There was a variety of different forms of temples - some beautiful and some very basic - representing the various cultures in Bali.



The scenery was spectacular throughout Bali.  We enjoyed the views and were amazed by the rice fields.  There is almost no uncultivated land left in Bali.





            While many of the vendors were voracious, some of the villages reconize that tourists avoid many of these areas.  This girl had been told to "not bother" us and we had to coax her out for a picture.


Here, Gail tries out one of the local bamboo instruments.

A few more days in Bali working on the boat, stocking up and also buying bargain DVDs and we were off.    A group of four boats departed together headed for the jungles of Borneo.