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CMapECS Route Manager

This is an experimental utility that will extract waypoint and route information from CMapECS and upload it to Garmin GPSs.

To Install:

Download both self extracting archives.  Each fits on a diskette for cruiser convenience at Internet Cafes.

Extract both to the same directory on your machineGo to that directory and double click Setup.exe to install.  You can install it anywhere; I like to put it in the directory with my Cmap Routes

Download Disk 1

Download Disk 2

256 Color Utility for CMapECS

It is annoying to switch to 256 color mode to use CMapECS and then switch back.   Here is another experimental utility to automatically change to 256 color mode, launch CMap and then change the resolution back when you are done.

ONLY FOR Windows 98/ME - tested on Win98

Download it and put the EXE file into your CMap program directory (usually c:\cmap4, c:\cmap,  etc.).  No installation needed. 

Download CmapStart.exe  (92Kb)