Contacting Sea Witch
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Radio Email

How to reach Sea Witch

We have land-based and radio-based  email.  When we are in ports like New Zealand, we get email from both addresses easily.   When at sea or the various islands, we receive our radio-based email almost daily.  We pickup our land-based email infrequently.  Please keep this in mind.


Spam sucks.  For those of you on land, it is annoying.  For us out here, it gets expensive.  We are often paying by the minute at a slow internet cafe when picking up our email.  So, please:

bulletDon't send us stuff you didn't type.
bulletNEVER include us on an all address book email.  Someone else will spam us eventually. 
bulletAvoid including us on cc: lists unless we know or should know the others on the list.
bulletDo feel free to write to us as often as you like.  We love to hear from you.

Land-Based Email

Use  We will pick this up when we can. 

Radio-Based Email

Click here for our Radio-Based Email address