Eastern Caribbean
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Sea Witch left the exciting festivities of Carnival and headed north to the quieter shores of Grenada where we spent time at anchor relaxing and exploring the island. 

St. Georges Harbour, Grenada, before hurricane Ivan hit in 2004

Downtown St. Georges

The local market place

Nutmeg factory.  The national export of Grenada

Rum or firewater?  A distillery in Grenada

Unfortunately, this beautiful island and the lovely people that live here experienced a devastating hurricane in September 2004.  Hurricane Ivan ripped across their island leaving not much standing.   It will take years for recovery.  The cruising community of the eastern Caribbean pulled together to do whatever they could to help the islanders and the cruisers that were hit so hard by this disaster.


Sea With continues to cruise northward along the chain eastern Caribbean islands

Tobago Keys. Peaceful, serene and crystal clear water.  A wonderful place to just relax, watch the clouds go by, and...

plenty of time for designing wonderful new things.  Here sits George (Pyewacket, a Cabo Rico 38) and Jeff in deep concentration.

Just another sunset. 

Antigua Race Week, where the big boys come out to play

Thanks to Pyewacket  - Roy Disney's 80' high tech maxi-racer - and Stan and Sally Honey, we were treated to a ride on Pyewacket's chase boat.


where we were able to get up close and personal with these incredible sailing machines


We head west to St. Martin and then turn southward to Saba, Dominica and Isle de Saintes

The tiny harbor at Saba Island, Netherland Antilles

Jeff dinking around Isle de Santes just across from Guadalupe

Dominica.  A fun and interesting day with our guide Martin as he takes us on a wonderful tour of his island's rainforest. 

Martin hiked us through the forest to this incredible waterfall, which was just waiting for us to take a cool, refreshing dip

Jeff climbs a Calabash tree for Gail

Gail cleans the Calabash and then paints


Faces of the West Indies

A snooze. The Grenada market place at St. Georges

Tunes on a bamboo flute.  Grenada

Bobby Joseph on his porch.


Wood carver at Union Island

Just taking a rest. Union Island

Calabash lady. Port of Spain, Trinidad

Eco-guide. Navari Swamp, Trinidad




Our sisters and nephews come to visit

Jeff and Gail's new car.  It even has a trunk

The family comes to visit Sea Witch - Amy, Kathy, Corey, Kevin

Corey checks for reefs as Sea Witch sails under clear skies

Kevin takes behind Broomstick, Sea Witch's new dinghy

Anchorage at Chatham Bay, Union Island

Home Sweet Home, Caribbean Style.  Union Island, The Grenadines

View from Union Island

Sea Witch peacefully at anchor.  Petite St. Vincent, The Grenadines