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Our nephews - Corey and Kevin - come to visit along with their mom's - Amy and Kathy


They fly into Panama City.  The boat is on the other side of the canal in Colon.  We do a land tour of the Panama Canal before sailing for the San Blas Islands of Panama




The historic town of Portobello is our first stop

Kevin leads the way up to the fort

Corey checks out the canons

The upper fort overlooks the bay and is a good place for a group photo


At 0'dark 30 we head out for the San Blas.  The boys sleep in


The sun is finally up so Corey goes fishing...


...and lands a 4 foot Barracuda


Kevin concentrates hard as he flies around the anchorage with 25hp

Jeff & Kevin check out the fish using a slate with a list of fish

Four-eyed Butterfly fish


The boys enjoy riding in the dinghy


Lots of new fish names to learn


Still thinking about the teeth on that barracuda?

Corey sees something in the water

A fairly large nurse shark

Time for a little scuba diving

Kevin takes to it like a fish.  Jeff has on a scuba tank and Kevin is using a hookah rig

Kendal from Chewbacca joins in

Kevin likes it and comes back for another turn

Is my turn over already?

Yes, it is Corey's turn now

Another day in paradise

Somebody has to do it

Mom's got the camera and Kevin's a ham

Yes, that is a very big starfish!


We visit a Kuna village

Don't want to get malaria

Corey is still Mola shopping


It is hot in the village and Kevin is thirsty


Visiting with the local kids


All shopped out.  Time to head back

The kids play on Chewbacca and the adults get a break

The kids explore an unihabited island...

...and build a shelter in case their parents don't come back for them


Time for another swim


We visit a Kuna fishing camp





Time for a little tubing

Kevin likes the speed

Corey tries it backwards

Amy gives it a whirl


The kids enjoyed playing with Kendal and Quincy from Chewbacca




Kathy checks the view from the mast

Corey heads for the top of the mast

Kevin heads up there also...


...and then goes swinging "cruiser style"


Land ho!!!




The airport in Nargana

All too soon, it is time for them to go


The other plane was REALLY TINY!!!