Kuala Lumpur
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KL is truly a big city.  They boast the tallest building in the world - if you measure from the top of the antennas - and the people went out of their way to make sure we all felt safe.  A number of people emphasized that Americans were safe in Malaysia.  


We attended a wonderful dance presentation at the Malaysian Cultural Center.  


We checked out Chinatown.  The night market yielded more good deals on DVDs and everyone stocked up.  There was a bit of excitement when the copyright police showed up.  Seems they were red jackets to let everyone know they are coming.  All the vendors disappear but they come back 10 minutes later after the police leave.  We also visited a multi-story building full of electronics vendors, computer stores, DVD stores and software stores.  Again, there was a lot of stocking up.


There are a variety of temples in Kuala Lumpur - Muslim, Hindu and Chinese.  





All the taxi drivers are tour guides; one took us on a 3 hour tour to the sacred Batu caves.  Elephants followed Jeff through the parking lot as he tried to pull individual bananas off the bunch we bought. 

From Kuala Lumpur, we visited Malacca, ancient center of trade in SE Asia.  Not much ancient left there but still some history to see in the museums.