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Australia by Car
Kakadu, Australia
Roti & Seba, Indo.
Rinca & Lombok, Indo.
Kuala Lumpur
Indian Ocean
Egypt-Nile Cruise
Egypt-Cairo & Suez
Turkey - Land Trip
Turkey - Cruising
Eastern Caribbean
Sea Witch Refit
Southern Caribbean
San Blas, Panama
Panama Canal
Costa Rica


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Venezuelan Island, Bonaire, Curacao

San Blas Islands of Panama

Panama Canal Transit

When we have spare time, we've been trying to get some of our photos on our pages to complement our newsletters

In February, 2002, we drove our car from Mooloolaba, Australia through Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to Tasmania and back.

We left Mooloolaba, Australia in June 2002 and traveled up the Barrier Reef to Darwin.  From Darwin, we did a 5 day trip to Kakadu.

In Indonesia, our first couple of stops were the Islands of Roti and Seba.  Then, Komodo Dragons on Rinca and a tour of Lombok.

From Lombok, we headed over to Bali, did some boat work and some touring.  Then, on to see the Orangutans in the jungles of Borneo.

From Bali, we stopped in Singapore and Malaysia.  We drove to Kuala  Lumpur for a few days and then sailed to Thailand where we flew to Chiang Mai to ride elephants.

2003 started in Thailand with a bit of boatwork.  Then, a trip across the Indian Ocean with landfall in Eritrea.  Next was a short stop in Sudan before Egypt and a land tour up the Nile and to Cairo.  We transited the Suez Canal and then made landfall in Cyprus

Turkey was next with a land tour to Cappadocia and Istanbul.  Tom and John joined us for a cruise up the Turkish coast.  Then, it was off to the Greece.  From there, it was north up the Adriatic Sea to Croatia and then across to Venice.  What a wonderful place to have the boat. 

From Venice, we headed around the boot to meet friends in Rome for a land trip to Florence, Pisa, Tuscany and Pompei.  Leaving Rome, we headed for Spain.  Our last stop in the Med was Gibraltar.

We crossed the Atlantic and made landfall in Trinidad.  After a visit home we returned to Trinidad for Carnival.  Our 2004 cruising season was 4 months up and down the eastern Caribbean before we returned to Trinidad to give Sea Witch a major refit.

We left Trinidad in May, 2005 and headed west to the Venezuelan outer islands, Bonaire and Curacao.   We headed for the San Blas Islands of Panama in early August and spent a couple months there.   Our nephews came to play and then we headed north to Colon to transit the Panama Canal.