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Radio Email

We use Sailmail.  This allows us to receive email via our Single Side Band radio.   This is not a high-speed link like a 28k  dialup modem.  But, we can receive a page of text in under a minute.  So, feel free to write to us.  We want to hear from you.

A few rules

bulletOnly send stuff you type.  No jokes, junk copied from the internet, etc.
bulletAvoid including us on cc: lists unless we know everyone on the list
bulletWhen replying to us, do not include our message in the reply
bulletNo attachments.
bulletPlain text only.

Our email address

Sailmail is a shared system.  Only one person can pickup email at any time.  So, we go to great pains to avoid the spammers.   Please bear with us.  Fill out the form below and we'll send you our email address as soon as we can.  Once you have that address, you can send us ordinary internet email. 


Privacy Policy:  We will add you to our address book but we do not sell or give our mail list to anyone!  We hate spam!

Email address: 

Enter info so we know who you are (e.g. your name, boat name if you have one, etc.)