San Blas, Panama
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Kids Visit

Pictures too small.?  Click on any picture for a larger view.

Traditional Kuna woman

Kuna sailing canoe


Take-out molas?

The local mola store


Come on, we've got room for a couple more people

Kuna remote fishing village

They spend a month in the fish camp...

...and seem very happy






Master mola-maker Venancio vists Sea Witch


Gail checks out EVERY mola.  Venancio's molas are the best.  Gail bought so many we are headed back to work

Potluck Island, Eastern Holandes Cays at the Swimming Pool anchorage

Every Monday evening yachts in the "swimming pool" gather for a potluck...

...and have a trash-burning ceremony




We visit Venancio's island and many ladies came to show us molas

What, no lifejackets?


Wednesday afternoon Ladies Racing Association

We visit the island and everyone has their molas on display

Her husband is carving this canoe.  We sent pictures to them via Kuna Express

Kuna Kitchen

Kuna veggie & fruit baskets.  Gail couldn't resist one

Typical  tight village street.


Venancio's brother Idelfonso showed us around

We enjoyed our visit to the island of Maquina very much.  Everyone was friendly and we felt very welcome.  We were surprised at how close together all the homes were.  The island was spotless and the people were happy.



Shot from the bridge that connects both halves of Naragana

Home delivery is not a US concept

This island is "modern" with western dress, television,etc. but most homes are traditional construction


The waterside of the island is the "back" of homes and businesses


We take their first "class photo" and send it via Kuna Express Same Day Delivery



Tigre Island

Typical Kuna toilet built out over the water

Columbia trading boat

Can you believe it, a phone booth



Tigre remains very traditional.  The village is more spacious than Maquina and has quite a bit of open space.

The people were friendly but a bit shy.


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