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Welcome !

Hi.  We're Jeff and Gail  and moved aboard Sea Witch, our Liberty 458, in 1992.  We departed from Marina Del Rey, CA in 1996 for a warm-up cruise to Alaska and then in 1997, headed south to Mexico and beyond.  From there, we spent 14 months in Mexico, visited Guatemala, Costa Rica, a bit of Panama and then the Galapagos before joining the Coconut Milk Run - Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti/Moorea/Bora Bora, Rarotonga, Niue, Tonga and New Zealand.  

2000 saw us head to Fiji and Tonga and back to New Zealand.  In 2001, we caught lobsters in Minerva Reef,  stopped briefly in Tonga to catch up with friends, then had a spectacular season in Vanuatu and New Caledonia before heading for Australia.

In 2002, we traveled up the Great Barrier Reef to Darwin, passaged to Indonesia, checked out Komodo dragons, visited Bali, played "African Queen" in the jungles of Borneo to check out the Orangutans, visited Singapore, negotiated the Malacca Straits and rode elephants in Thailand.

2003 saw Sea Witch crossing the Indian Ocean, braving pirates, cruising up the Red Sea, doing land trips in Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt, transiting the Suez Canal, visiting Cyprus and traveling to Turkey.  And that was only the first 5 months.  We did a long land trip in Turkey and then headed for Greece, Croatia and Venice.  Then, around the boot to Rome and a land trip before heading to Barcelona, Valencia and Gibraltar.  A land trip to Seville before heading for the Canaries and then across the

2004 started with Carnival in Trinidad.  Then a trip up the eastern caribbean and back down to Trinidad in July for what was supposed to be a 3 month refit.  10 months later in May 2005, we headed west. 

2005 A stop in the outer islands of Venezuela and then a month of diving in Bonaire.  A couple of weeks of boat projects in Curacao and then we head west for Panama/San Blas.  We spent a couple months in the San Blas Islands.  Our nephews and their mom's came to visit for a couple weeks.  A couple more Kuna fixes and then onto the Panama Canal.  We successfully transited 3 boats.  From the canal, we made a beeline to Los Angeles with very few stops on the way: Golfito, Nicaragua, Huatulco, Barra de Navidad and Cabo San Lucas.  No problems with the "baja bash".  We got lucky and made it in under 6 days without stopping for fuel.  No wind, no waves, no problems.

Present location: 

Arrived in Los Angeles December 2005 and are back in Marina Del Rey, just a few miles from LAX.  Both of us are back to work replenishing the cruising kitty.  We've scanned a bunch of pictures from Alaska, Mexico and the south pacifc that were taken before we had a digital camera and will get them on the website as soon as time permits  

Most recent update:  June 2009

What's new this update:  Updated our location and summarized our trip home from the canal

Please report problems and suggestions to  Do NOT use this address to try and contact us.  We will only pickup mail from this address when we are in port and ready to update our website.

Thanks to everyone that shared their pictures with us.  Some of the pictures on this site came from:  Heartsong III, Outlandish, Poppy 1, Chewbacca, Always Saturday, Imajica, Amy/Kathy and the boys.