Sea Witch Refit
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And the work begins.  Sea Witch is hauled out at the Power Boats yard in Trinidad so we can begin her facelift

The gelcoat is completely removed and the tent goes up.  At least it will keep most of the rain out while we do the work

We strip Sea Witch of all equipment, metal and just about everything else you can thing of.  She doesn't even have her name anymore

The contractors remove the old teak decks

With all the equipment and old wood removed, we are doubtful that we will ever finish

Karin starts putting the teak back on.  We start to see some progress

Oops, what's this?  A really big deck repair or a mosaic?  Two steps forward and one step back

Jeff and Bryan show signs of great relief and shear joy as they complete the ugly task of the fiberglass deck repair.

Princess, who adopted us, keeps a close watch on all the boat work from her cool spot under the keel

Progress is starting to show.  The decks are coming along nicely

The decks are almost finished.  Steven hard at work

Living onboard while doing a refit can make you a bit testy.  Buckets to catch the rain from the holes in the deck.  Windows out and dust and dirt everywhere.  Continuous grinding and hammering


We need a break and head for the states in Nov. 2004

Sea Witch as we left her.  Still heaps of work ahead of us.  What were we thinking

Sea Witch gets her name back. 10 months into our 3 month refit and it is time to get out of the yard.   I guess this is what they mean by "Trini time"

We head for the water while Jeff tries to remember if we plugged up all the holes. 

Still plenty of work to do but we'll do it in the water.  Time for a bit of luxury at Crews Inn Marina.  They have cable TV and room service at the slips.


And she floats!