Southern Caribbean
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A quick 2 day sail from Trinidad brings us to Los Roques, the outer islands of Venezuela and then to Los Aves

Los Aves Islands

Not a bad place to be stationed

Jorge, Commandant of the local Coasta Guardia.  Jeff practices his Spanish and Jorge practices his English

A tour of their facilities

Coast Guard Cutter



We head for Bonaire for a month of diving.

Bonaire, Divers Paradise

Geoff and Sue Come to visit

Bonaire's two major exports: Salt and Nitrogen-filled divers

Salt drying ponds.  The pink is caused by the shrimp

Salt Pier

We do some shore diving but mostly boat diving

And take a road trip

Very little rain here.  Lots of cactus.  Who would have thought!

Reminds us of the desert

Southern tip of Bonaire

Old slave huts near the salt processing facilities

Shore diving is popular in Bonaire.  This one is call 1000 steps but only actually has 62

Gail decides that this is as far as she goes

Kralendijk, the main town in Bonaire.  Even after a month we still can't pronounce it

All too soon and the Walshes are leaving

We move into the marina for hurricanes Dennis and Emily


And decide to stay?  No, not really




A road trip with Greg and Denise on Four Winds

West Point.  No, not the military academy



Spanish Waters.  A wonderful anchorage for a couple of weeks