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Miraflores Quickime movie

Freeze-frame animation of downlocking


You may need to click just below the toolbar "Allow blocked content" to permit this animation to play


Quicktime movie of Sea Witch downlocking

We have a Quicktime Movie of the Miraflores lock - our entry, downlocking and exit -  that is 8mb.

To download the movie and play later Right-click here   and choose "Save Target As".  Once it is downloaded, double-click the file on your computer and watch it.

Or, choose   View Movie.  This will open another window.  Wait for it to load the movie and then watch it. 


Thanks for the help

Thanks to Dawn, Steve, Ryan, Ron, Karen, the Panama Canal people and a few others for capturing these images and movies.

We'll add more video and animations when we figure out how to convert it all and display them.