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Chistmas Trini Style.

Steel Pan Band greets us upon our arrival in Trinidad December 2003

Flowers of the Caribbean

A pudgy caterpillar


Jessie James, the Trini that puts it all together for the cruisers.  Anything, anytime - he will make it happen

Jessie takes us to the swamp to view the return of the Scarlet Ibis at twilight. 

Jessie takes us on a night excursion to see the huge female leatherback turrles coming ashore to lay their eggs

Jeff waits patiently in the dark for her to arrive and is surprised by dozens of hatchlings emerging from the sand underneath him.  They exit their nest like aliens before heading to sea. 


Their so cute.  No Gail, we can't keep one as a pet.  The females get to be 1000 lbs and the males are even bigger.

This female came to shore and gave us the thrill of a lifetime.  We were able to watch while she dug her nest, laid her eggs and returned to the sea.


During the season, females come to shore numerous times to lay their eggs, laying around 150 eggs each time



Trinidad 2005.  I can't believe we are still here!  But there are fun things to do during much needed breaks.

Another hear, another Carnival

The best of the best

The young...

and the old

Port of Spain market place


Lettuce entertain you

Chicken McNuggets?

Or a Fillet o Fish sandwich?

Yuck.  I'm heading for Burger King


Phagwa - a Hindu celebration

Bruce and Marsha on Imajica drag us away for a much needed break

Prayer flags

Phagwa celebrates the triumph of good over evil.  The colored dyes symbolize the ashes of the evil woman that died in the fire.

They rub the dye on each other and also make the world's largest squirt guns

She's having way to much fun



People of all ages enjoy themselves at this celebration.   We were made to feel very welcome and...


very much a part of their celebration as we soaked up a bunch of local color

Gail greets the locals

Jeff wonders why they let her stay

It was definitely a technicolor day


Bruce & Marsha.  Thanks for the great photos and a fun day