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Watch Commander Pro


  1. Remove 2 rear setscrews and 2 side panel jacks by sliding rearward.
  2. Yoke mount with bracket and thumbscrews provided, or flush mount per 3&4.
  3. Flush mount: Cut hole 5 3/8inch wide x  2 5/8inch high (max thickness=3/8in).
  4. Install through front, securing from rear with side panel jacks and rear setscrews.
  5. Connect power leads. (WHITE or RED to +12VDC, BLACK to GROUND) (Power consumption is 100 milliamps.) (Do not connect to 24 or 32VDC.)
  6. Insert key into upper left key switch and turn Power on. Remove key. Shortly after power up, the Watch Commander will sound the alarm to show that the power has been interrupted (safety feature). Press the RESET pushbutton. Red LED will glow steady and timing will begin. (Note: Stuck RESET button alarm sounds if RESET held down more than 2 seconds.)
  7. Insert key into center Time Selector. Push to turn key. Set to TEST. Alarm will immediately sound.
  8.  To adjust alarm volume:
    1. Press and hold RESET button until red LED blinks rapidly.
    2. While holding RESET button, rotate Time Selector to set volume.
    3. Once the desired alarm volume is set, release RESET.
  9. Set to 3 min. After 2 min 30 seconds, Red LED will blink slowly, warning that 30 seconds remain in timing cycle.
  10. After 3 min, alarm will sound at the volume you have set above.
  11. After 3 min 30 seconds, the alarm will shift to maximum volume and External Alarm Relay will close (see #14 below). Press RESET.
  12. Set the Time Selector to the desired time interval. Changing interval RESETs timing cycle. By popular demand, the last 4 positions are now 30,45,60,90 mins.
  13. Remove key. (Key may be removed from any position.)
  14. If  Power-On and External Alarm relays are to be used:
    1. Remove front panel.
    2. Route vessel wires through hole provided in real panel.
    3. Connect vessel alarm devices to relay terminal strip at left edge (as viewed from the front) of circuit board. Pin numbers are on bottom of board.
    4. Autopilot power can be routed through Power-On Relay (pin #5 (Normally Open) and pin #6(Common), This relay is energized when the front power switch is on, so that autopilot cannot be used unless WATCH COMMANDER PRO is on. Pin #4 (Normally Closed) is also available.
    5. Ship’s alarm, General Alarm, or an external alarm can be routed through External Alarm relay (pins #1(Normally Closed), #2(Normally Open), #3(Common). This relay is energized when the alarm shifts to maximum volume. Relay contacts rated SPDT, 5 amps max, 120vac max.
    6. Replace front panel.

Warranty: 3 years parts and labor.

Emerald Marine Products Corp.(206)781-9450 WCPro Install Inst PIC.doc May 2009