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WX Downloads

South Pacific Weather

There are a number of weather sources in the South Pacific.  New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia maintain websites.  

For hams, ZL1MA and ZL2UT both provide weather using the Winlink 2000 bulletin system.   Many of you are used to retrieving "ZL1MA's weather bulletins".  They are now available through any of the Winlink 2000 MBO stations.  

For fleetcode weather map users, see WX downloads to obtain a copy of the weather map viewer (WIAC) and an important warning. 

Sailmail users can make use of Saildocs to retrieve some of the weather documents that ZL1MA provides.   Saildocs is an email-based system that allows the user to request a web-based document using an email request.  Click here for more info on Saildocs. 

After reading the terms and conditions, send an email to: .  It doesn't matter what you put in the email; an autoresponder will send back the help file explaining how to use Saildocs. 

Useful So Pacific WX sites

Fiji Met Service

NZ Met Service Text Forecasts

Australian Met Service - comprehensive site for South Pacific

NZ Met Society - List of weather links

US Fleet Meteorology Site - worldwide maps, comprehensive site

NOAA Marine Product Dissemination Page - among other things, a complete list of Woldwide Weather Fax schedules (pdf)

QuickScat Wind maps - wind arrows for entire world - very detailed