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In the South Pacific, both Fiji and New Zealand make available weather information in an encoded format called Fleetcode or I.A.C (International Analysis Code).  Detailed weather maps are compacted into a very small size - typically 1K to 2K in ASCII format and available via email.  Wiac, originally written by Stefan Elvstad - a cruiser passing through the South Pacific - is used to decode this info and display a weather map.  

WIAC was written for Windows 3.1 and works fine under Windows 95/98.  The version is still marked Beta but has only a few minor bugs.  There was a project underway to improve and extend Wiac, but that project isn't finished yet.  Cruisers should continue to use the existing Wiac program.  When the rewrite is available and tested, it will be posted here.

Download Wiac.zip (181kb) 

You need to unzip it into a directory and make your own shortcut.