ZL1MA bulletins

When you are in port and have access to the internet, you can use these links to obtain the same bulletins you would get from ZL1MA.

Darwin Australia Arafura Sea Area

Brisbane Australia Coral Sea - Area  Eq/28S 142E/170E 

NZ Forties Weather Bulletin - Area 40S/55S 150E/170W

Noumea Marine Wx Bull (in French) - Area Eq to 45S 130E to 18

NZ Pacific Wx Bull..Area 25S/55S 170W/120W

NZ Sub-Tropic Wx Bull..Area 25S/40S 150E/170W

Melbourne Australia Tasman Sea Area 28S to 50S 129E to 170E

Nadi Weather Map (Fleetcoded) - Area Eq/35S 150E/120W 

VUW Fleetcode Wx map 00Z or 12Z analysis + 72Hr prognosis

Bob McDavitt - NZ Weekly WeatherGram


Temporarily broken 

The following links are temporarily broken.  We'll fix them when we can.  

Nadi Marine Wx Bull - Area 5N/25S 160E/180 Eq/25S 180/120W